Our Story…

After months of searching for a light pull sear spring for the Remington 1100’s it seemed hopeless.  MidwayUSA, MGW, Brownells all sent springs that were nearly identical, supposedly 3.5 lb pull.  Each of them I tested gave a trigger pull so close to that of the original 5lb + spring, the difference could not be felt. With no where to turn but an expensive kit… I was left with few options.

I decided to get some made, and market them.  I contacted a manufacturer, and sent the specifications to them.  These are made with the same high quality ASTM A228 music wire used throughout the firearms industry and are manufactured right here in the good old USA.

These springs work in a variety of Remington shotguns and rifles with similar trigger mechanisms. Models of 1100, 1187, 1148, 878, 870 to name a few. DIY gunsmiths should observe caution when testing a modified firearm by keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction until you are satisfied with the safety. And my spring will not come off like those made by cutting a coil off a factory spring.

We’re getting good feedback from our customers. These can be used in a variety of Remington Rifles as well. So if you want that light trigger in your 243, we probably have it covered.

I now offer these springs in:

1.) 2 lb

2.) 3 lb

Price on springs is now $5/ea with $5 combined S&H on up to 10 total springs per order.

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