About Us

I am an avid shooter 74 years old. Been shooting and collecting guns since 1967. I was fortunate to have crossed paths with the mentor that I had. He was in something like USAMU during his Army days. His enthusiasm for shooting was infectious, and in a short time I got involved and we became like brothers.

His involvement with shooting was global in proportions. The people he knew were amazing. Competitors, Gun Writers, and Innovators. He sponsored me to Santiago Rifle & Revolver Club. The president of the club was Mid Tompkins (National Center Fire Champion). I met people that owned Gunsmithing businesses. And before I knew it, was invited to come shoot skeet at the (then new) Winchester Skeet Range in Laguna Hills CA by a fellow who later became the SW United States Winchester Rep.

I decided to build an American Skeet Range on my land, and in 2014 completed the range you see above. It has provided me with many new friends who love the sport as much as I do.